Cross The Line

by Orange Zebra

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released February 7, 2014

Michał Bolczyński - Drums
Radosław Dubisz - Bass
Mateusz Dworakowski - Vocals
Bartłomiej Łubieński - Guitar
Mateusz Trojanowski - Guitar


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Orange Zebra Warsaw, Poland

What do you get when you mix a zebra with an orange? Definitely something zesty, fresh and with a kick!

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Track Name: Devil's Footsteps
Rusty old aching is swayin' in the shadows
Grab my throat and spear it with an arrow
Time is burning smashing clocks into pieces
Lord I beg for one of dead man's deadly kisses

Stand straight, slow down
When you hit the town be sure to meet me around
Black thoughts and white nights
Spend some time with me you know we'll do it alright yeah

Always stood in the footsteps of the devil and
Always tried to reach the sweetest taste of heaven
Hold my head heavy hangin' desperation
Driftin' over silent fields of exclamation

So many years I've been searching for solutions
Hope today I'm gonna start my revolution
Many years and I'm waitin' for a single sign
I'm just askin' for a minute of a piece of mind
Oh mind yeah

Anyone, won't you help me out
I need a change, now I know I cannot do without
Come on and bless me with an open heart
So I can follow, so I can follow my own new path
Track Name: You Crossed the Line
Hey all you people listen what I have to say in this matter
The girl's insane I don't think it's gonna get any better
She ripped my heart and she threw it out into the gutter
I lost my head and she doesn't even seem to be bothered
She crossed the line but
It's my time now

Listen to me girl there is something that I need tell you
You wine and tear that is something that I'll never get used to
You change your ways and I'm talkin 'bout a massive breakthrough
I'm here to beg you leave that shit or it's gonna kill you (yeah)
You crossed the line you
Ain't worth a dime now

You spend my money like it's some kinda heaven sent
I work all night while you party with your hippie friends
I told you woman no more and that's what I meant
This situation is slowly closin' to the end
You crossed the line but
I'll be fine now
Track Name: Whiskey Filled Afternoon
Welcome to the house of booze
We've got lotta cool things around here you know
We turn water into wine
Give you pleasure all the time

It's been a while since I've seen you around man
Come on, grab a seat, the drink's on the house
What would you say for some whiskey?

Funny faces, the place is packed up with
I can't express it, neither find a place to sit
I think I'll go now, there is something in the way
Around the corner, strange voices tell me to stay

'Cause I spent all my money
Liquor one the kind
All I could get was my heavy
troubled mind, troubled mind

I won't admit it, oh lord knows I tried
The Scotsman callin', I need a drink or I'll die
Pretty lady, hit me with another jack
Funny place now is turnin' into black

Funny faces, the place was packed with
I couldn't express it, neither find a place to sit
I think I'm gone now, there was something in the way
I'm doin' time now, ain't got no cash for a bail
Track Name: Crazy Woman Blues
Hey woman won't you cut me some slack 'cause
Tonight I'm goin' to a show, there's a
New band in town and they know
They know how to rock and roll

Crazy thoughts have been runnin' down through my head
I think today I'll sleep in some other woman's bed yeah
Although you treated me good long time ago
(Crazy woman) Crazy woman my mind is goin' to explode

I'm gonna waste my head I'm gonna trip again
I'm gonna hear them blues so leave me some money to spend
Don't even know myself so don't ask me when I'm back
Don't try to understand I'm runnin' on my own tracks

Yeah, it seems so easy livin' on the road and
Spendin' money on booze, whores and dope and
Other girls, yesterday I didn't bother
Such a shame we stopped actin' like lovers
Track Name: That's What We Call R'n'R
(It's) Not givin' up when you face your everyday demons
(It's) Not having second thoughts or any kind of regrets
('Cause) When they treat you like a dollar and you feel like a million
(Just) Just tell 'em to fuck off and light your cigarette

('Cause it's) Rock and roll
This is what we call rock and roll
(Listen!) It's a free of charge priceless state of your soul (Rock, rock n' roll)
This is what we call rock and roll

(It's) A bunch of guys tryin' to make it sound together
(It's) That crazy feeling when you're up or down the stage
('Cause) You've got to take that one shot cause it's now or never
(Or) Or end up livin' in your 9.00 to 5.00 misery cage
Track Name: Justify The Sin
Would you get out of your illusion?
Can you explain it to yourself?
The beginning is the bottom the conclusion becomes your true solution Otherwise how long will this illusion last

Justify your sin, please show me where it begins
Reconstruct the course of your thoughts
And realize how much we've lost, oh the cost
Redefine the state we're in so I can justify my sin

Is this a dream, can this be real?
You try to love me, try to hate me, I can't feel
No need for patience when you satisfy your vengeance
How do I tell that this is real

Bring me to the edge of self-destruction
Make it a hell, make it our own vicious cycle
The only excuse would be to choose
Between the lesser of two evils
... redefine the state we're in, justify my sin
Track Name: Long Time Lone Travellin'
Well, I’m stuck again in some god forsaken town
Without a name, without a soul
No rest to be found

I’ve got dust on my shoes (yeah)
Still a thousand miles ahead of me
Sweet mother fortune I can’t trust you
Guess again our ways will have to split

I can’t do it, I’ve got myself to prove it
I’ve been travellin’ long for years
Never knew I’ve got this ball and chain to lose it
I’ve been long time lone travellin’

These empty streets, so dark and cold
Fill me with peace, they scare me no more
Don’t waste your time (don’t)
Searchin’ for the truth (no, no)
The only truth’s the way ahead of you

The consequences that I never take
That’s the lesson that I’ll never learn
So burn the road and (so burn the road)
Never hit the brakes (never hit the brakes)
Trust the wind and never turn

I can do it if I prove it to myself
I’ve been travellin’ long for too many years
I must get rid of this burden draggin’ me down
I’ve been travellin’ for too long, travellin’ alone.
Oh, this time I’m comin’ home.
Track Name: Gambling Man
Mama always told me it's a sin
But tell me mama is it a sin to win
At the moment I just can't leave
I've got four of a kind and one more ace up my sleeve

Round and round fortune goes like a spinnin' roulette
Time is now, close your eyes Start placin' your bets
Baby says it's a doubtful probability
Don't be scared babe Place your bet on me

I'm gamblin' man (gamblin' man)
And I never know when to stop
This night I might be layin' low
But tomorrow gonna reach the top
I'm a gamblin' man (gamblin' man)
And I wanna sweep the board
One more game is something
I can always afford

Here I am again in my gamblin' paradise
Shake your hand and roll my lucky pair of dice
Superstitious 7 must be out of luck
Lost ten times in a row
Like I give a fuck
(like I give a fuck)
Track Name: J Song
Man, you'd like to see my hands all tied
You're, you're tryin' to take care of business behind my back
It seems alright you never did me no wrong
But I hope its gonna burn This little Judas song,
this Judas song

(You always come back)
No excuses man
(You always come back)
Like a beaten dog
(You always come back)
Need a helping hand
You always come back like a god damn

Well, you sold your soul to the glamorous night
And I'll ah ah ah I, - I'll try to stay awake but out of your sight
Someone always puts some faith in you
Got a lot of chances To bury them too,
to bury them too

Your, your little plan is just a failure you see
'Cause, 'Cause here comes your broken morality
On your knees you're beg in' me in the end
Happiness is not so easy to pretend, to pretend
Track Name: Lawless
I hear them call me a public figure
Some even say I'm a role model for them
I would rather call myself a preacher with three master degrees
And I'm always drunk and high
Why would you say it's a lie yeah
Something tells me go beyond the law
Watch me on the news hear me on the radio

I never look over my shoulder
I'm not familiar with responsibility
I never check my rearview mirror
I'd really like to help
Instead watch me pass you by
Why would you say it's a lie yeah
Something tells go beyond the law
Watch me bullshit on that television show
Read it in a magazine, hear me on the radio

Still I need more publicity
Who's gonna hurt from some controversy yeah
I'll shift the blame to the other side
Can't wash the blood of my hands no matter how I try
Why would you tell it's a lie yeah
Something tells go beyond the law
Watch me on the news, hear me on the radio
Always drunk and high
Why would you say it's a lie yeah
Something tells me go beyond the law
Watch me on the news, hear me on the radio
Track Name: Punk Rock Motherfucker
You've got robbed of your luck
Sick and beat up, life is tough
Lost your honey to another man
All the shit comes your way like you were damned
Black cats, thirteens
I'm staring into rattle snake's eyes
Yeah I'm not gonna do what you do, I don't care
I'll put my finger in the air to show you how I care
You can call me a punk rock motherfucker!

Champagne showers, pistol smoke
Rock and rollin' is not a joke
Bed of roses, crown of thorns
If you're fallin' don't stop tryin' that's the way it goes
'Cause it's hard times, red lights
The void is gettin' closer gonna eat you alive
Yeah, I'm not gonna do what you do, I don't care
Stick a fist in the air, I will win, will prevail
You can call me a...

It's pure power, electric smoke
So fuckin' potent, it'll make you choke
Orange Zebra, that's the name
If you wanna than we bring it
Put more gas to your flame
Inhale, reset Get rid of all the bullshit that's been shoved in your head
Yeah, we're not gonna do what you do We don't care
Raise your hands in the air and scream "hell yeah" if you dare
They can call us all...

Punk rock motherfuckers!
Track Name: Burn
Go, go and do the things they don’t approve
Say out loud what cannot be heard
Boy you really got on everyone’s nerves
Youth over rules, your values are getting too old
You crazy motherfuckers think you can own the world
We walk the streets, looking for something to burn!

You know I never thought it would
take me to the edge of the world
I fight my nightmares when you
wake up in the middle of the night
You know it’s coming for you
Break free and step out of line

Go, go and break the rules imposed on you
Say out loud what hides in my soul
Boy you really get on everyone’s nerves
Youth over rules, your values are getting too old

Go, go and take the things you don’t deserve
Say out loud what shouldn’t be told
Boy you really get on everyone’s nerves
Youth over rules, your values are getting too old
Track Name: Muddy Rivers
If you look deep in to the matter
It can be surprisin' what you may find
The pool of treachery, the springs of lies
Give birth to muddy rivers of deceit
They never dry!

Heavens behold that devil's hole
Pit of despair is what you call home
But gods won't save now those who bend and brake

And will you please open your eyes
See destruction that is brought by our lies
Slow decay true reasons fade away
Why do we choose to become enslaved

And if I shut my ears
And scrape the scales from my eyes
Shed my skin, become true from within
Would you still call me a friend,
your friend!
Track Name: wICKED
You, you are always on the run
Runaway, runaway, runaway now
Been chasin' you a long time but
no more, no more
Ain't no game require so much patience
And I ain't got it anyway so
Pack your bags girl, good riddance
Gimme a kiss and leave without a trail

Don't want, don't need
Don't mess with me
Been there, done that
Oh I'm sure you know how to please
Bring it, give it
Got that feeling, I'm gonna kick it
Take it or leave it
Seems to me girl you're kinda wicked

Stop reachin' for happiness,
Never get it, never gonna get it,
A simple life is such a bless
so go on and find it
Ain't no game require so much patience
And I ain't got it anyway so
Pack your bags girl, good riddance
Gimme a kiss and leave without a trail
Track Name: Asian Porn
From sensual touch
To violent sex
Two visions collide
emotions so complex

Slowly undress you know i came here for some more
I'm only satisfied when you sacrifice your body and soul
Body and soul
I'm so all over you when you move the way you do
Come little closer and show me all you asian moves
Asian porn

From violent touch
To sensual sex
Two visions collide
emotions so complex

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